Damien Crow: The World According to Damien Crow (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Damien Crow: The World According to Damien Crow

Grumpy goth's full run at 2012 Fringe still feels like a work in progress

The world according to teenage Damien Crow is an unjust place. His dad just doesn’t understand him, and his evil mother’s fake breasts just keep getting in the way. Worst of all, people misunderstand him because he’s a goth so he tries to explain himself to us, by way of slideshow pictures of his ‘horrible’ (read: loving) family and a list of things that are black.

Crow – the creation of lauded Scottish comedian Chris Forbes – is an unexpectedly endearing character, with exactly the kind of sulkiness and lack of perspective you might expect from a teenager. The contrast between his evidently caring family and his sense that he has been personally wronged by the world is funny and familiar but can’t quite sustain this hour.

At last year’s Fringe, The World According to Damien Crow enjoyed two one-off performances at The Stand, and is enjoying a full run in 2012. There are some fun touches – grumpy Crow is compelled to dance when he hears 'Jump' by The Pointer Sisters, and the musical finale really lifts the atmosphere. But ultimately, this still feels like a work in development.

The Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until Aug 26 (not 13), 4pm, £10 (£9).

Damien Crow Edinburgh Festival trailer 2012

Damien Crow: The World According to Damien Crow

  • 2 stars

Damien Crow is not like other people. Damien Crow does not like other people. Forget what you thought you knew about Goths as Damien Crow reveals all about the dark side and what it takes to survive in this misunderstood sub culture. Join Damien as he lays bare his soul with devastating, unexpected and hilarious…

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