Danny Buckler: The Phantom (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Danny Buckler: The Phantom

Erstwhile magician comes to Edinburgh under charming new comedy guise

Having performed as a magician in previous years, Danny Buckler returns to Edinburgh in a very different guise.

Born and raised in Woking, Buckler details the trials of growing up in a town that is less than welcoming to anyone pursuing a life as a performer. Portraying himself as something of an arts connoisseur, Buckler draws parallels between his own life experiences and The Phantom of the Opera, depicting tales of lost love and heartbreak.

Buckler's confidence as a comedian results in a routine that progresses flawlessly from start to end, and while much of the show discusses Buckler's shortcomings in life he posses a warm and charming onstage charisma that holds the audience, engaging them in each tale.

During the performance there are the occasional moments of audience interaction, and this is where Buckler's weakness is. It's the only hiccup in a performance that is otherwise intelligently written and delivered in style.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 26 Aug, 9.20pm, £8--£9.

Danny Buckler 2012

Danny Buckler: The Phantom

  • 3 stars

Danny Buckler rises from his lair beneath the opera house for his debut show, an hour of killer theatrical comedy only he can deliver. As seen on tour with Jon Richardson, as well as Secrets of Magic (BBC1), 50 Greatest (Five) and Simple Minds (Discovery Channel). Ages 16+. Contains strong language. Best Medicine…

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