Mae Martin: Mae Day (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

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Charmingly neurotic show from the multi-talented Candian

She’s good-looking in a gamine kind of way, dresses stylishly in old-school punk fashion, has got a strong voice for singing songs, can play the guitar and seems pretty relaxed standing in front of a crowd chatting into the mic. So it comes as a surprise to find that this Canadian comedian is presenting a Fringe show about how utterly neurotic she is.

Perhaps Martin’s use of a stool to rest a baseball boot on (‘for confidence reasons’, we’re told) should have alerted us to the fact that his likeable, apparently confident performer is actually fairly uptight. Whatever, her initial topic of conversation (how to go about looking cool) swiftly gives way to a torrent of neurosis: the world is ending (a bit), obsession with exes, obsession with summer camp leaders, social networking fixation, dating men as a lesbian and the inability to look cool like Jack Kerouac.

Martin manages the tricky feat of making her neurosis not just funny but also very cute. And for a neurotic that says she’s losing control of her ability to speak, Martin’s timing and delivery is right on the money.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 26 Aug (not 14), 4pm, £7--£8.

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Mae Day

  • 3 stars

Canadian Mae Martin's (GlobalTV, CBC) solo show mines her neurotic visions of the impending apocalypse - but this show is not a downer. She promises. The Musical Comedy Awards and Hackney New Variety Act of the Year finalist celebrated a decade of doing comedy (she started at the tender age of 13) by moving to England to…

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