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This article is from 2012

Watch it! RATING?,Watch it! RATING?

Small-screen addiction writ large with dance, theatre and visual trickery

Watching too much television is bad for you. This is not a new piece of information, the psychology behind why has been well documented. But if people only created shows about new subject matters, there’d be a lot of empty stages, so we can’t really hold this against performer/choreographer Tony Mills.

If you can push the ‘tell us something we don’t know’ feeling aside, he does an admirable job filling a solo hour with contemporary dance, dance theatre and visual trickery. Slumped in an armchair, remote in hand, Mills explores the life of a man so addicted to the box that he can’t even go outside.

At one point, he even likens the television to his girlfriend, using adjectives that work for both a stylish new flat screen and a beautiful woman. Some clever editing pieces together clips from classic films and TV programmes, which Mills interacts with. But the most visually impressive moment comes when he runs ‘inside’ the screen, completely consumed by his addiction.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 27 Aug (not 14 & 21), 1pm, £12.50 (£10).

Watch iT! @ ZOOsouthside EdFringe 2012

Watch It!

  • 3 stars

A multimedia dance odyssey about one man’s love/hate relationship with his TV, told with dance, theatre, interactive film and animation. The story begins as we stumble out of the living room and down the cathode ray tunnel into a surreal world of televisions that talk back and ones that want to dance. The audience is…

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