Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman bring joint live show to Edinburgh Fringe

This article is from 2012

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman bring joint live show to Edinburgh Fringe

Singing and reading from musical and literary couple

‘Amanda taught Neil to love the festival,’ speaks the Palmer/Gaiman marital unimind (in fact hallowed fantasy author Gaiman emailing on behalf of himself and his ex-Dresden Doll and Fringe mainstay spouse). ‘He used to come to Edinburgh and do the book festival, sign thousands of books and then go home. Once he met Amanda he learned to stop worrying and love the Fringe, and last year haunted C venues like a ghost (and this is Neil for a moment not writing as both of us: I like the moment in drama where, as our Amanda says, “shit becomes real”, and just taking a punt on something that could be anything, and sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes it is awful).

All of which is a roundabout way of saying Edinburgh’s the place to try things out, which is why the European debut of Gaiman and Palmer’s joint live show – which has previously seen a few dates in the USA – will be here. How did it go down? ‘We’d answer questions,’ says Gaiman, ‘covering everything from body hair to Doctor Who, from how to survive a zombie attack to our first kiss, and disagree on pretty much everything. You can expect Neil to read things, old favourites and quite possibly things nobody has ever heard before. You can expect Amanda to sing things, and they might well sing things together too.’

Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Sun 12 Aug.

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

Power couple of Twitter (and the Edinburgh Fringe) Gaiman and Palmer take to the stage together for two hours of whatever mixture of his writing and her music they feel like.