Milo McCabe: Kenny Moon This is Your Life (3 stars)

This article is from 2012.

Milo McCabe: Kenny Moon This is Your Life

Bemusing character comedy from Milo and his dad

It’s all a bit barmy in the Gilded Balloon’s Billiard Room, as character chameleon Milo McCabe brings his unique brand of funny to this year’s Fringe. Irish comedy legend Kenny Moon (played by McCabe’s real-life father and New Faces star, Mike McCabe) is appearing on This is Your Life. McCabe Jnr plays the multiple roles of Moon’s motley crew of family and showbiz ‘pals’.

Following so far? Good. First up, it’s gypsy nephew-cum-’technosexual’ Keith Moon, in what is arguably the funniest skit of the hour (take note Channel 4, McCabe’s tattooed, eye-patched Keith could make for a very funny one-man show). Next up comes ‘variety’s best kept secret’ Bunny, before we meet flamboyant luvvie Troy, cockney showbiz agent Steel and dopey simpleton son, Tyson.

McCabe is a relentlessly energetic and captivating performer, and his attention to detail brings life to each of his characters with all their unique quirks intact. A largely amusing, if slightly bemusing hour of comedy, served with a twist.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 26 Aug (not 13), 5.35pm, £8.50--£10 (£7.50--£9).

Tyson Moon at the Comedy Store

Milo McCabe: Kenny Moon This Is Your Life

  • 3 stars

IMWP. What's it like being the son of a comedian? A fascinating, funny, moving show from multi-character award-nominated Milo based around the life of his father, old school comic and New Faces finalist, Mike. Milo plays different people from his Dad's past in a genre-busting, idiosyncratic show that examines the…

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1. Aiden Thaker6 Aug 2012, 9:55am Report

I'm on a bit of a roll here but if I thought your review of Jiggsy was on the tight side I think this is totally unfair. I saw this show on Friday 3rd and I can honestly say that of the four shows I saw whilst in Edinburgh this was by far the best. I actually thought the gypsy character - though certainly with its own merits - was the weakest of all Milo's characters with the luvvie actor character providing some of the funniest lines I've heard all year. I laughed so hard that by the time the twist occurred I was still snorting inappropriately. I was expecting to read widespread adulation for this show and I've got to say your review is surprisingly underwhelming. 5 stars for me, easily. But then everyone's a critic...

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