Marcus Brigstocke: The Brig Society (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Marcus Brigstocke: The Brig Society

A jolly Big Society satire from the TV panel show regular

At one point in The Brig Society, TV talking-head comedy panelist Marcus Brigstocke hands a man in the front row his mic. ‘Tell us a joke!’, he beams enthusiastically. When the man can’t, Brigstocke acts surprised. ‘But … I’m empowering the audience?’

Brigstocke explains his ‘top down’ approach, where a nominated central provider (the stand-up comedian) gives power back to the paying public. It’s one of many smart, biting analogies to the Tory-fuelled Big Society ‘idea’ in this concept show. Randoms in the crowd are picked as culture, finance and education ministers, while Brigstocke leads his jolly tirade against David ‘Can-moron’, ‘Gideon’ Osbourne and co. It’s comedy with a conscience, as the Greek crisis, the Leveson Inquiry and Jimmy Carr’s tax scheme is covered (look out for comedian cattiness, as Carr is ripped apart via Brigstocke’s expert impersonation) but it might be too swotty to raise big laughs for some. Brigstocke’s posh self-deprecation is charmingly done, particularly his idea of keeping a hawk on his arm for hecklers.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, until 25 Aug (not 13), 9.10pm, £12--£13 (£11--£12).

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