Would Be Nice Though... (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Would Be Nice Though...

Interactive show that skewers the job interviews process

Ever been to a job interview, looked around, and thought, ‘If this is the competition, God help me if I’m not in with a chance?’ Such thoughts may pass through your mind as you enter a real George Street office and are ushered through various stages of a recruitment process that brings to the surface the sheer absurdity that lies just beneath such scenarios.

Without giving too much away, Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard’s show is cleverly set up, interactive in a genuinely non-scary way, and shows off their considerable talents as improvisers. With a nuttiness reminiscent of Smack the Pony and a sense of the awkward that would be at home in (where else?) The Office, they skewer the whole process of job interviews, from the bizarre rituals to the desperate competitiveness, with pot shots at The Apprentice (and the light fittings) along the way.

Even for the reluctant team player, this show is simply a lot of fun, with tiny details to leave you grinning – and if you’ve made an unsuccessful job application recently, it ought to cheer you right up.

Pleasance at Essential Edinburgh, 556 6550, until 18 Aug, 12.30pm & 4.30pm, £8--£9 (£7–£8).

"Would Be Nice Though..."

Would Be Nice Though …

  • 4 stars

Dear Holly, we are cutting up to 34 jobs. There are no vacancies for anything I'm afraid. Best wishes, Keith'. A performance in a real working office, those crucial moments before that job interview. Join other hopefuls in this head-to-head environment of matching stationary. Keep your self-worth intact and your nerves…

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