Trevor Lock's Amateur Sex Tape Theory (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Trevor Lock's Amateur Sex Tape Theory

A thoughtful treatise on sex tapes is foregone in favour of desperate joke-mongering

It’s not a good day for Trevor Lock. Faced with a particularly quiet audience, he seems flustered, and his material – which is in the main well-written and funny – suffers because of it. Last year, Lock and his girlfriend visited a nudist beach in the south of France, where they received an unexpected sexual proposition from a large naked Gallic gentleman.

Through this story, Lock tries to present us with a thoughtful comic routine about sex tapes and how we view ourselves. But as jokes fail to ignite the audience, he desperately diverges off topic and never really regains the momentum he displays in the first few minutes.

In the past, Lock has performed with Stewart Lee and Russell Brand but here he betrays a lack of confidence in his script when the laughs don’t come and, painfully, even attempts to explain some of the jokes. There are a lot of funny ideas in his routine and, with a little more certainty and belief, this would be an amusing and thought-provoking show.

The Hive, 226 0000, until 26 Aug, 6pm, £5.

Trevor Lock Talking About Something

Trevor Lock's Amateur Sex Tape Theory

  • 2 stars

In September 2011 Trevor Lock took off all his clothes and lay down on a beach in the South of France. What happened next was really awkward but also quite funny. An hilarious romp through the philosophy of the sex tape and how we see ourselves in the digital age, Trevor Lock uses his brain and his mouth to be both funny…

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