Thom Tuck Flips Out (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Thom Tuck Flips Out

Posh boy stand-up from the ex-Penny Dreadful

Having graduated from sketch show The Penny Dreadfuls to a solo stand-up routine revolving around his love-hate relationship with straight-to-DVD Disney movies, Tuck returns to the Fringe with a new show that’s less focused thematically but generally spot-on in terms of delivery. Having previously established a stage persona as a cheerful if bewildered toff, Tuck relaxes that role a little (to perhaps simply be himself) and chortle on about gender politics, animal instincts and sundry other subjects before, towards the end of his routine, becoming a bit more fired up about the current state of the economy and those people responsible for creating the mess we’re in.

It comes as a surprise, though a pleasant one, to listen to a posh boy (who delivers his lines from the sweaty confines of a V-neck pullover and blue blazer) railing against authority in the way we’re more used to hearing from overtly ‘leftie’ comedians. But perhaps we shouldn’t make too much of Tuck’s class credentials. He doesn’t. He just gets on with the business of delivering a solid slice of stand-up.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 27 Aug (not 12), 8.10pm, £10 (£8.50).

Thom Tuck Lion King III

Thom Tuck Flips Out

  • 3 stars

2011 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Thom Tuck returns to the Fringe with a show about animal instincts, gender… and gymnastics. 'Fruity, befuddled and increasingly melancholy' (Guardian). 'Shades of Stewart Lee' ( 'A watchable, charming performer' (Independent). Ages 14+. Thom Tuck / SO Comedy.

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