The Pauly Show (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Pauly Show

DIY stage sitcom from Paul F Taylor

Paul F Taylor always dreamed of having his own show just like Jerry Seinfeld/Miranda/Ronnie Corbett – delete according to which is the most relevant to your age group. Unfortunately there's been an absence of interest from TV executives, so Taylor has adopted a do-it-yourself attitude and created his own show with a few flip charts, unreliable sound effects and some borrowed audience members as his cast. It's a fun just-less-than-an-hour as Taylor runs about the stage – sometimes missing his trousers – creating his flat, the pub and a park. The bedsit action is interspersed with Seinfeld-esque stand up sections where Taylor gets to showcase his fondness for wordplay and some groanworthy puns. As you'd expect there are plenty of references to popular sitcom – his pub has a guy who props up the bar called Norm and in the coffee shop across the street there are always six mates who hog the sofa in the centre.

Overall it's good fun, delivered with buzzing energy from Taylor. He's ably assisted by his impromptu cast members – neighbour Phil, a postie and a CGI dog included.

The Tron, 556 5375, until 26 Aug (not 14), 5pm, £7--£10.

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The Pauly Show - Episode One

  • 3 stars

Paul F Taylor brings his ramshackle sitcom pilot to the stage, convinced it is going to be picked up for TV. Watch his plans collapse spectacularly. The Pauly Show is filmed before a live studio audience! 'The show is brilliant' ( 'Beautifully crafted one liners … astute observational comedy' (GQ).

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