Sex Money Death (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Sex Money Death

Bittersweet observations in a thoughtful hour from comedian Stuart Black

Having recently hit the big four-O, sad sack pessimist Stuart Black has been fondly reminiscing about his childhood. He reasons that adult issues of sex, money and death represent the end of innocence and he yearns for simpler times.

Black deftly covers a broad spectrum of material including some delightful observations on growing up and getting old. His comparison of the beauty market and the defence industry is swift and profound, one of the many juxtapositions and contradictions that baffle him, such as the affiliation of money with happiness.

Although he portrays himself as an outsider, Black's passionate rhetoric is balanced by moments when his observations suddenly resonate with the entire room. Little nuggets spring up from the unlikeliest of places: a section on TV's Embarrassing Bodies threatens to wander into banality before he miraculously mines gold.

There are times when his delivery is a little too forceful, and a surreal moment where he imagines himself as a ghost at a poultry farm threatens to derail proceedings entirely. But his bittersweet nostalgia is infectious enough to keep his thoughtful hour on track.

The Shack, 226 4311, until 25 Aug (not 13), 8.45pm, £6--£7.

FHM's Stand-Up Hero TV show! Stuart Black

Sex Money Death

  • 3 stars

These are the timeless fears. The modern problems. The personal and political. This is a love letter. This is an eight-year-old child's heart pleading across time, to the other end of a restless life. Sex, Money, Death. ‘Often tipped as being one to watch for the future – it surely won’t be long until the future is now…

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