Guilt and Shame: Up All Night (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Guilt and Shame: Up All Night

A playful and involving double-act with a disarmingly touching narrative arc

It’s a big night on the pull for debauched duo Guilt and Shame. Gabe (Guilt) is the slaggy one, ready to meet the girl of his dreams, and Rob (Shame) is a gay virgin gagging to get laid.

The mood in the Underbelly is high. There’s chair dancing and shouting along to the music, supplied by the onstage DJ in the corner, the house raucous with an eagerness to embrace Guilt and Shame, to squirm and guffaw in recognition. Their adventures aren’t for the fainthearted – scenes of a vomitous nature, a poem about penises, a depressed tranvestite wielding an enormous dildo, and PIME (you’ll need to go along to find out exactly what Rob learned in Paris) – but it’s a gleefully involving show. Gabe and Rob are charming, multi-talented, versatile performers, who mix and match roles and use voiceover, physical comedy and audience collusion to winning effect. The result is playful and filthy and fun, but hijinks aside, the intricate plot and surprising narrative arc, underpinned by some top tunes, is disarmingly touching, in the non-sexual sense of that word.

The Underbelly, 556 5375, until 26 Aug (not 13, 20), 11.45pm, £8 (£7).


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