Corpus Christi (3 stars)

This article is from 2007.

Controversial retelling of the New Testament

Terrence McNally’s controversial retelling of the New Testament places Jesus in 50s Texas and involves the son of God in a sexual relationship with Judas, whose consequent jealously results in the betrayal. Despite slick direction and clever ensemble work, a production can only be as good as the material it's given, and while the play may have been shocking to American Christian fundamentalists in the 90s, to Fringe audiences it’s likely to seem a dry retelling of a well-known story with a crowd-pulling gimmick at its centre. (Nicola Husband)

Bedlam Theatre, 225 9893, until 25 Aug, 10pm, £8 (£7).

Corpus Christi

  • 3 stars

The New Testament retold half in its familiar setting and half in 50s Corpus Christi, Texas where Jesus and Judas are high school lovers. But these twists are only serve to emphasise the original themes of this well-known story, imbuing it with a poignancy that makes its ending powerful whether you believe it really…

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