The I Hate Children Children's Show (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

The I Hate Children Children's Show

Dude in pith helmet does close up magic to Muddy Waters soundtrack

I wish I had a louche American uncle who cracks open the ‘champagne’ (warm cava) at noon and does magic tricks in his skanky flat while the lodger strums a blues guitar.

The I Hate Children Children’s Show is the next best thing: Paul Nathan is as good at reading giggly 11-year-old girls as he is at making balloon poodles and pulling silk scarves out of little boys’ t-shirts. Beneath the delightfully shambolic surface -- props in a suitcase, time-checks on Nathan’s mobile phone -- this is a crack magician pretending to be an avuncluar dude in a pith helmet and Crocs.

He plays rubbish tricks for laughs, castigates the guitarist for playing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ so enthusiastically that he forgets a vital swap and mixes in some advanced magical pyrotechnics with a light hand. And has a blast. When three little sisters reluctantly join him on stage, arms crossed, and refuse to disco dance in animal noses while the audience sings ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’, he finds it as funny as we do.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, 12.15pm, £8--£9 (£7--£8).

The I Hate Children Children's Show

  • 4 stars

Cruel Comedy for Cool Kids! Your children star alongside world renowned entertainer Paul Dabek in this award-winning magic show for gruesome kids and tipsy parents. Children are the natural-born enemy of the magician and nowhere is this more evident than during the 60 minute magical marathon that is The I Hate Children…

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1. Paul Nathan7 Aug 2012, 9:28am Report

Thanks for the great review. We value your input. The magician has now changed his shoes, so no more Crocks on stage. We have removed all rubbish tricks, and we now chill the champagne before the show (JK - it's still Cava).

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