Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and his Singing Tiger (5 stars)

This article is from 2012

Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and his Singing Tiger

Mighty Boosh-style physical comedy for quirky kids

An unassuming chap in a tiger-striped onesie plucks a ukelele. On the corner of the stage, a giant laundry bag is moving. From its depths emerges a pink woolly hat then safety goggles and a bushy beard. Jacket, tie, then very short white shorts and muscular legs. In socks. This, the tiger establishes through the medium of plaintive song, is Dr Brown.

Dr Brown does not speak. Neither is he a real doctor. The tiger communicates with him and the audience by asking ukelele-accompanied questions to which he grunts, gesticulates or points at a drawing. Somehow, together, we get through.

When it’s time for breakfast, Dr Brown eats his banana with a knife and fork and adds pepper to his tea. Putting on his boots requires the help of around 20 kids from the audience, in a reverse Enormous Turnip manoeuvre. At one point he rides a tiny child’s bicycle, and attempts a potentially terrifying stunt. As a game dad from the front row joins in an improvised musical number, the tiger also reveals some surprising break dancing moves.

As well as captivating children (who have to be prevented from following Dr Brown when he runs out of the tent) this show has already become a cult among kooky 20-somethings. It could easily fill a larger venue, at a 10pm slot, with girls in vintage dresses and boys in tight brown trousers fighting to lie down on the stage and be ridden over on a tiny plastic trike.

At the end, after the tiger has serenaded Dr Brown back into his laundry bag, they are outside to high-five the audience as we leave. I thanked the good doctor for a hugely entertaining 50 minutes, and told the tiger that the show was grrrrrrrrrreat.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 26 Aug (not 13, 20), 12.45, £8 (£7).

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Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and His Singing Tiger

  • 5 stars

The Mason Sisters @ PBJ. Join Dr Brown and his Singing Tiger on a madcap adventure from breakfast to bedtime with a ski race, tennis match and slightly spectacular BMX finale. Physical comedy at its best from two world-renowned performers. Winner, Best Presentation for Children 2012, Adelaide Fringe. 'Bonkers' (Sunday…

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