Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose

Young Canadian comic hints at method to his madness in 2012 Edinburgh Fringe show

A Patopotamoose is, by another name, a McGuffin. In this instance, it’s a nonsense title this whacked-out young Canadian comic gave his show before he’d written it in order to secure a spot on the Fringe. So Burtscher tells us. But did he write a show at all? There are an awful lot of lengthy pauses between trains of thought, and several monologues that simply peter out with an apology for not being funny. As if to underscore the haphazard nature of his routine (if that’s the right word), Burtscher makes a point of announcing his show has no theme. And the introduction of the, admittedly impressive, Patopotamoose suit (it looks like something out of Where the Wild Things Are) is so brief as to miss a trick.

And yet, this guy is funny, and, seemingly, effortlessly so. Here, less, and mess, is more. And there does seem to be a method to this madness. Despite Burtscher’s protestations, there is a theme, of sorts: how the world could be a better place if it embraced some whacky thinking. Certainly, Burtscher’s brand of off-the-wall thinking is well worth embracing.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug (not 8, 14), 8.30pm, £11 (£9.50).

Pat Burtscher's Patopotamoose

  • 4 stars

What the heck's a Patopotamoose? It's a title. You don't like it? You do a show and call it whatever the heck you want. This stand-up comedy show is called Patopotamoose. Deal with it. Pat Burtscher will address any further issues, concerns or whatever the heck else you may have at the actual show, Patopotamoose. He is a…

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