Joel Dommett (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Joel Dommett

Stand-up delivers intelligent comedy with dark and thought provoking edge

Joel Dommett returns to Edinburgh with an outstanding new show in which he discusses in fine detail his trials and tribulations of trying to get even with a high school bully after the perpetrator contacts him via Twitter.

As the victim of bullying in his youth Dommett portrays himself as a coward who still fails to stand up for himself today. Citing muggings and lost love in his formative years as evidence of his cowardice, Dommet showcases a deeply charismatic onstage persona contradicting his claims that he is a shy and sheepish individual.

Throughout the performance Dommett proves that he is capable of reducing his audience to a slavering mess, often as a result of his wicked delivery. It is not just the face of his comedy that makes the show such a success either: his performance harbours a dark and thought provoking edge deeply rooted within his routine. The intelligence of the performance and the versatility Dommett displays makes his latest offering an enthralling, laugh a minute stand up comedy performance.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, Until 26th August, 6pm, £8.50-£10.

Joel Dommett - Nunchuck Silver Medallist 2002

  • 4 stars

Joel Dommett - MTV News, Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC3) – returns to Edinburgh with his hotly anticipated new show for 2012. Having gained rave reviews for his debut Edinburgh show, Neon Hero last year, Joel has established himself as one of the biggest rising stars on the UK comedy circuit. Do you have what it takes…