Highlights from the Fighting Fantasy series of role-playing games

This article is from 2012

Deathtrap Dungeons

Henry Northmore and Murray Robertson pick their favourite Fighting Fantasy books

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

A collaboration between Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, this was the book that started it all. The first installment was written back in 1982, and is set as you set out to plunder the treasure of the mystical mage. It subsequently spawned two sequels, a boardgame and four novels.

Island of the Lizard King

This time you take up arms against the Lizard men of Fire Island as you vow to protect the village of Oyster Bay. Notable for its lack of sudden death endings this was one of the more enjoyable FF titles with multiple routes to victory.

House of Hell

The only FF book set in modern times, the tenth book sees you battle for survival in a house that’s plagued by demonic forces. For a children’s book it’s absolutely terrifying, the interactivity amplifying the frights. Its horrifying cover and satanic imagery long ago burned in our young minds. It was also one of the trickiest FF books, making death almost inevitable.

Freeway Fighter

Set in 2022 this Mad Max-inspired road adventure puts you in a post-apocalyptic landscape where a killer virus has decimated the population. Tasked with transporting food across the country, your car is ripe for customisation and the seemingly deserted highways are full of danger.

Howl of the Werewolf

Proof that the FF world lives on, first published in 2007, Jonathan Green’s adventure has you racing for a cure before succumbing to the curse of the werewolf after being bitten by a shaggy monster at the start of the story.

Ian Livingstone

Ian Livingstone celebrates Fighting Fantasy game books. Ian has been in the interactive games industry for over 25 years, is the co-founder of Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe and wrote the first Fighting Fantasy with Steve Jackson 30 years ago! Just ask your dad, he’s bound to have a couple of…

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