My Edinburgh: Lucy Porter

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  • 2 August 2012

This article is from 2012.

My Edinburgh: Lucy Porter

Festival veteran comes back to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

First time I came to Edinburgh was …
1992. I’d won a competition in Time Out magazine, which is like a London-based, inferior version of The List, to be on the Perrier Comedy Award Panel. I was a bit of a comedy fangirl anyway, and seeing hundreds of shows at the Festival made me realise that I wanted to make people laugh for a living.

I come back because …
I love the festival atmosphere, I love seeing other people’s shows, and, having taken two years off to have children, I’ve realised that I’m completely addicted. I have no other vices left, so I feel that I can indulge my compulsion with impunity.

Edinburgh’s unique selling point is …
The sheer variety of entertainment on offer. No other festival can match it. Also the excellent chip shops.

The one thing that Edinburgh really needs is …
More indoor soft play areas. I have namby-pamby, soft, Southern children, and they don’t cope with playing outside in the rain as well as their Northern counterparts.

My favourite place to eat is …
A Room in The Town. I have already demanded that I be taken there for a fancy dinner on my night off.

I am likely to be found …
In the newly pedestrianised bit of George Street, outside the Assembly rooms, letting my children run wild whilst I catch up with mates.

I am least likely to be found …
Drunk at 3 in the morning in the Gilded Balloon Loft Bar or Brook’s Bar at the Pleasance. This will make a pleasant change from every other festival I’ve ever done, when those were the places you were most likely to find me.

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