Five reasons to go see Henry Rollins

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  • 29 July 2012

This article is from 2012

Five reasons to go see Henry Rollins

The fast-talking raconteur returns to the Fringe

1. He’s a walking punk rock legend

The bratty ex-frontman for Washington DC upstarts State of Alert, Rollins became the physical embodiment of 80s punk rock after joining Black Flag. A tattooed hulk of a man, his turbulent tenure with the band dictated the shape of punk to come.

2. He’s funny

Although hardly ‘stand-up’, the two or three over-excited and over-caffeinated hours the man in grey spends howling at the audience split sides as much as they break hearts.

3. He’s got brains

Listening to a man in his fifties rant at you for hours would be bad if he didn’t actually have something useful to say. Thankfully Rollins has more pertinent opinions than tattoos.

4. He gets around

Rollins’ travels and encounters form the backbone of his shows, ranging from hilarious cultural clashes to heart-wrenching takes on the human condition.

5. He’s a man of many talents

Author, actor, broadcaster, musician … Rollins’ work ethic is exceptional, and gets tougher with age. His no-bullshit, attack approach to life is an inspiration for the lazy and lacklustre among us.

Queen’s Hall, 668 2019, 8–10 Aug, 7pm, £15.

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Henry Rollins

New show from legendary Black Flag frontman, author, actor, Grammy award-winner and passionate stream-of-social-consciousness raconteur. Hard-hitting, side-splitting, always in your face, Rollins is an unmissable live powerhouse onstage. Sold-out 2008/2010/2011. ‘Fabulous spoken-word … It's not…

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