Comedian Tiffany Stevenson praises optimism at the Fringe 2012

This article is from 2012

Comedian Tiffany Stevenson praises optimism at the Fringe 2012

Comedian behind Uncomfortably Numb show on 24 box-sets and Requiem For A Dream

I have a friend who is ill in hospital and I had no idea what to buy him. I know the norm in these situations is flowers or maybe a bunch of grapes … touchy if they’ve just had their piles removed. I went for a box set of 24 and another friend of mine commented, ‘That is an optimistic purchase … ,’ bluntly suggesting that said friend may not have enough time left to watch it. This got me thinking, what a ridiculous statement! I mean, isn’t every purchase optimistic? I don’t go to the supermarket to buy a week’s worth of food get to the counter and deliberate … better not buy those knickers in case I shit myself to death in them. I can push it even further, I reckon every decision we make as human beings is an act of optimism. Getting up in the morning for a crappy job is optimistic. Putting on your make-up is an act of optimism, especially if you’re a guy. Getting on a train is an optimistic decision and bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe? Massively optimistic!

You may say: ‘Listen Tiffany, if that is your real name, I am a pessimist: I believe the glass is half empty.’ I would suggest that if you bought a drink in the first place then you are an optimist and also IT’S YOUR ROUND. I’m an optimist like the rest of us, I’m so optimistic even my blood type is B+.

Spending money is the ultimate act of optimism, especially if ten pounds of it goes on an hour long show that a performer optimistically brought to the Fringe. I can optimistically recommend you see me at 7.50pm at Underbelly, Lady Carol at 6.30pm at Assembly Rooms and Felicity Ward at 10pm at Underbelly.

So there you go! No such thing as a pessimistic act apart from watching Requiem For A Dream – that is the soul equivalent of drinking a bottle of gin then punching yourself in the face repeatedly for an hour and 45 minutes. Who owns that film? I mean, it’s the kind of film you watch once and then regret it. You only need to purchase that film if you think: ‘You know what? My life is just going too well … maybe I should watch an amputation followed by a double ender and a lobotomy’.

Although, optimistically speaking, maybe that’s the perfect Edinburgh hour?

Tiffany Stevenson’s Uncomfortably Numb is at Underbelly, 0844 545 8252, 2–26 Aug (not 13), 7.50pm.

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Tiffany Stevenson: Uncomfortably Numb

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