Crate Digging: Marcel Heese

This article is from 2012

Crate Digging: Marcel Heese

Photo: Marie Staggat

Tresor resident Marcel Heese shares his favourite tracks with us ahead of his Unseen takeover night

Phase ‘Binary Opposition (Process 1)’ (Token Records) pretty much stands for the typical kind of club techno I love. It’s deep and hypnotic, yet powerful. Great production work and very detailed. I’ve been playing this in every single set for months now.

Developer is a bit hit and miss for me. There are tracks I just don’t get but then there are tracks like ‘Trade Beliefs’ (Semantica Records) that are just out of this world. It suddenly goes from super aggressive to totally deep. Great tune to finish off a set of hard techno.

When I first heard Byetone ‘Opal’ (Raster-Noton) I was blown away. It sounds quite simple but you’ll notice the details when you listen carefully. Again there’s the hypnotic element that gets me every time. The track just builds and builds and builds.

When Kalon ‘Man is the Superior Animal’ (Sandwell District) came out in 2008 I didn’t like it all. But as the Sandwell fanboy I was/am, I bought it anyways. Since playing it in a club I didn’t regret my decision for a single second. Its quite minimal and super dry but still manages to have that little extra that makes you move. The drums are really exquisite.

Words can't do Vainqueur ‘Lyot (Maurizio Mix)’ (Novamute) justice. When someone asks me about techno it’s this track I show him. It pretty much sums up techno for me. And it was already done 20 years ago. Can you believe that?! This should be played at every techno party.

I heard Surgeon playing Tresor in 2003 and British Murder Boys ‘Learn Your Lesson’ (Counterbalance) was one of those ‘what-the-fuck?’ moments. The breakdown after two minutes is simply breathtaking and the more synth-driven second part makes it one of the best post-2000 techno tracks. Used to play it in nearly every set in my early DJ-years but havenplayed it for years. Think it’s about time to get it off the shelf again.

Unseen at Studio 24, 558 3758, 3 Aug, 10.30pm-5am, £10.

Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 1)

Developer - Trade Beliefs

Byetone - Opal

Kalon - Man is the superior animal (Sandwell District 2008)


british murder boys - learn your lesson.wmv


Techno night specialising in 'pitch black techno' from the minds that gave you Dogma.

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