Unmythable: Temple Theatre revamps the Classics at Fringe 2012

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credit: Graeme Braidwood

Classics for your cash: as many ancient tales as can be packed into 60 mins

Step aboard Jason's Argo to begin an action-packed voyage through all the greatest Greek myths … with a twist! Temple Theatre employs a blend of clowning and epic storytelling to pack as many of the ancient tales into one hour as possible. 'We're really interested in looking at the myths, but retelling them in surprising ways,' says cast member Paul O'Mahony. As well as catching up with Midas once his touch has faded, there's also a unique take on the story of Troy. 'We have three foot soldiers stuck inside the horse and one of them can't get to grips with why they're there.' There's also a sneaky look at heroes acting in less-than exemplary ways.

Far from being solely kid-oriented however, Unmythable engages audiences on a number of levels due to the human elements of the stories it tells. 'Jason is a young man who feels very insecure and wants to prove himself as a man and hero. These myths say something about what it is to be a human being.'

Zoo, 662 6892, 5–27 Aug (not 15), 1.45pm, £10 (£7.50). Previews 3 & 4 Aug, £5.


A new take on the myths of ancient Greece.

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