Steve Small's anti-erotic comedy Teach Me explores relationship age differences

This article is from 2012

Teach Me

Exploring the unsexy side of sex at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

‘It’s remarkable how unsexy sex can really be,’ says Steve Small, director of anti-erotic comedy Teach Me, which looks at what happens when boy meets girl, girl turns out to be woman, but sparks fly nonetheless.

Departing from their traditionally dark exploration of coupledom, Strange Town Theatre Company takes a naughty-but-nice look at love, vulnerability and the unfortunate age differences that are all the rage these days. But don’t expect some glamorous, Mrs Robinson style of love affair. ‘Teach Me seeks to remove the veneer of the image of the cougar and grind it into a realistic (ish) situation, in all its awkward glory,’ says Small.

As audiences peek through the bedroom’s proverbial keyhole to witness arguments, neuroses and the inevitable fall-out, many may find themselves reassured that, when it comes to first times, we aren’t as unique beneath the sheets as we’d like to believe.

‘It’s a perfect opportunity for escapism into a world we can all recognise,’ Small maintains, ‘a play for anyone who’s ever had a first time … or for anyone who’s still anxiously waiting for someone to teach them.’

Hill Street Theatre, 226 6522, 4–26 Aug (not 13, 20), 2.30pm, £9–£12 (£7–£10). Previews 2 & 3 Aug, £5.

Teach Me

  • 3 stars

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