Gently Progressive Behemoth (4 stars)

This article is from 2007

Gently Progressive Behemoth

Laughs and lunacy in one tight package

While the sketch show may have fared rather poorly at this year’s Fringe, the oddball double act might well be having its salad days. Certainly, if the Gently Progressive Behemoth (in the shape of comically theatrical young Cambridge guns Nadia Kamil and Luke Roberts) are anything to go by, then silly surrealism, à la Mighty Boosh and Noble & Silver, is on the up once more.

The finale of Kamil dressed as Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie with Roberts behind operating her arms could only be dreamed up by two unique minds, albeit ones surely fed on the nonsensical escapism of the aforementioned duos.

With a chemistry to die for and a quick-witted set of highly prepared responses to any given scenario unfolding before them in this tight auditorium, the laughs rattle along and the non-sequiters about morality and a harsh critic named Anne Bancroft trip off their talented tongues. The title of their act is best left to your own interpretation but their future success is easy to guess. Guaranteed, you’d have thought. (Brian Donaldson)

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 668 1633, until 27 Aug, 1.45pm, £8–£9 (£6–£7).

Gently Progressive Behemoth

  • 4 stars

Nadia Kamil and Luke Roberts make up this sketch show, packed with quick-witted lines and well-earned laughter. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007'.