Attention Fringe 2012 performers: we want your bribes

This article is from 2012

Attention Fringe performers: we want your bribes

Buy yourself valuable exposure by sending us your promotional tat

The List is once again declaring itself susceptible to bribery for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.

Effective immediately, we will be accepting whatever goodie bags, t-shirts, toy tractors, hampers, confections, underpants, self-portraits, office invasions, red carpet premiere tickets and/or second hand tat you can throw at us*. In exchange for your bounteous payola, you'll receive one of four slots in our weekly Festival issues, while runners up will be name-checked in our Bribe Blog.

So what are you waiting for? Send your goodies and assorted promotional bumf to:

Big Fat Fringe Bribe
The List
14 High Street

*Any donations of cash or sexual favours will be discreetly accepted and then denied ever having existed.

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