Dogfight (4 stars)

This article is from 2007.


Serenity in the suburbs?

Serial streaker, Mark Roberts, narrowly avoided an Asbo for his ‘performance’ at the Ryder cup. Thankfully, a judge with a sense of humour and an ounce of brain power dismissed the case but it’s this legislating against the insignificant things while ignoring the real issues that’s a key theme in this play. Community meetings, garden club and general busy-bodying make up everyday life in Blackhill, but plans to pass a new law which will restrict residents to two dogs per household will soon destroy the façade of white picket serenity.

Successfully creating a world where it’s acceptable to mentally collapse on the inside, as long as the exterior sustains the illusion of living the American dream, we are privy through innovative techniques to this inner turmoil. Commenting on the function of politics, the price of success and career versus family, special mention should go to Penny Lisle whose creation of a twisted mother of five on the brink of mental breakdown effectively brought out the comedy of this searing satire. (Nicola Husband)

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  • 4 stars

Skewed look at serenity and facades in the American suburbs; darkly political and searingly satirical. 'Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007'

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