Kids' events

This article is from 2007.

Kids' events

Scares and celebrities dominate the final week

The last few days of the kids programme takes a walk on the dark side with scary-sounding events such as Night of the Living Horror (25 Aug, 6pm) which opens up a world of gothic terror for those aged ten plus, though Justin Somper and his Vampirates (25 Aug, 2pm) just sounds plain daft. Grizzly Tales of Nasty Little Beasts (25 Aug, 4.30pm), though, promises creepy crawlies and bats.

If it’s big names you’re after during the final few days, they don’t come that much bigger than Anthony Horowitz (24 Aug, 4.30pm), the creator of the Alex Rider and Diamond Brothers stories, while Lucy Hawking (26 Aug, 3pm) steps out of the shadow of her famous dad to surf the solar system. Finally, merging the terrifying and the famous is Horrid Henry (25 Aug, 10am), the character (pictured) created by Francesca Simon, whose popularity has spread since making the leap from page to CITV. And a man who has surely made a few leaps in his time is Chris Ryan (25 Aug, 11.30am), the SAS agent who focuses on the survival instincts required of an adventure book’s hero. (Brian Donaldson)

Recommended reading: Stormbreaker was Anthony Horowitz’ first Alex Rider book and featured the intrepid teenage spy tackling arch enemy Herod Sayle.

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