Martha Kearny

This article is from 2007.

Martha Kearny

Six decades of Woman’s Hour

Earlier this year, a few weeks after starting her new job as presenter of Radio 4’s The World at One, Martha Kearney brought some home-made biscuits and honey into the studio and thought to herself: ‘This feels very Woman’s Hour.’ And while it’s true that the programme she used to work for isn’t averse to the odd recipe, it has (in the 60 years since it launched) become a seriously influential part of the media landscape, covering everything from key political matters to post-vasectomy pain. One minute the team will be talking to Aung San Suu Kyi about her plight; the next they’ll be quizzing David Cameron on his choice of undergarments.

Kearney reckons its wide reach and evolution has kept it vital and popular. ‘It’s one of those programmes you wouldn’t invent now as there’d be an outcry,’ she says. ‘It’s been so successful because it’s an entertaining listen; 40% of the audience are men.’ For this event, she and fellow former presenter Sue MacGregor will be in discussion with journalist and broadcaster Ruth Wishart about the much-loved 10am institution.
(Ashley Davies)

Recommended reading: Woman’s Hour: From Joyce Grenfell to Sharon Osbourne includes contributions from Kearney, Germaine Greer and Aung San Suu Kyi.

25 Aug (With Sue MacGregor), 4.30pm, £7 (£5).

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