The List supports artists' right to swear at the Fringe

This article is from 2012.

The List supports artists' right to swear at the Fringe

Stuart Goldsmith

Show titles remain uncensored in our comprehensive Fringe listings

There has been some controversy in the run up to the Fringe this year about the programme's censorship of some sweary show titles. Liam Mullone, Richard Herring and Stuart Goldsmith have raised the issue in various interviews and statements, claiming that the Fringe's preference for asterisks and exclamation marks in offensive show titles impinges on their artistic freedoms, and opposes the spirit of the festival's anti-establishment roots, as well as making it harder for their shows to be searched for on the Fringe website.

The Fringe, for its part, has argued that the programme is read by a large number of people, and the language contained within needs to be suitable for a large range of ages. Although where this leaves uncensored show titles such as Molly Wobbly's Tit Factory, Kunt and the Gang, Heath Franklin's Chopper in A Hard Bastard's Guide to Life and Reginald D Hunter's Work in Progress... and Niggas, we're not quite sure.

We at The List would like to take this opportunity to reassure the comedians that we agree their show titles should be published unmolested: we think that Stuart Goldsmith is a prick, not a pr!ck; Richard Herring talks cock, not c*ck; and Liam Mullone lives in a land fit for fuckwits, not f*ckwits. In addition, we assert that Mark Little is a bullshit artist, Lili Scala is presenting another fucking variety show, Britain's got fuck all talent, and Shakespeare is shit-faced. We're quite happy for Jon Bennett to keep pretending things are a cock; for Snuff Box Theatre to introduce their bitch boxer; for Cristian Ceresoli to discuss the shit / la merda in whatever language he chooses; and for ArtWank to remain ArtWank as they have since 2010.

On the other hand, shows and organisations that censor themselves (such as Sh!t Theatre and The POOP Project's Eat $h*t) can be found under either heading.

Mark Little: THEbullshitARTIST

  • 2 stars

As the @wikileaks/@twitter culture continues to confuse truth and bullshit, Mark Little tap dances his way through the chaos of modernity with his funny dog in this black and white, silent comedy romp…or not? #truth? Ages 16+. Bound and Gagged Comedy by arrangement with Glorious Management.

Liam Mullone: A Land Fit For Fuckwits

Liam Mullone / The Stand Comedy Club. Liam Mullone returns with this taboo-bending romp through intolerance, racism, fascism, and the man from Defra who tried to confiscate his stuffed toys because they were ‘full of alien species’. 'An intellectual bruiser of a comedian … intelligent, surreal and incisive' ★★★…

Molly Wobbly's Tit Factory

The whole town gets an unexpected makeover when a stranger arrives on Mammary Lane in this musical comedy by Paul Boyd. Join the good shopkeepers of Little Happening as they plot to get a few things off their chests. Heavily laden with big laughs, catchy songs, and leaky implants, Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory sticks a…

Stuart Goldsmith: Prick

‘Expert stand-up' (Sunday Times) for anyone who used to have principles. Selfishness, narcissism, violence and a winning smile. This show will make you a worse person. 'Utterly funny' ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). 'Brilliant' (Johnny Vegas). Ages 18+. CKP by arrangement with Red Comedy and DAA…


Hosted by Ophelia Bitz (oo er), this is a collection of rare and authentic vintage pornography, with something for everyone.

Bitch Boxer

Snuff Box Theatre, Richard Jordan Productions in association with Pleasance. Meet Chloe, 21, from Leytonstone. She likes the simple things in life: cherry sambuca, hairbrush-in-the-mirror karaoke and winding her Dad up. Oh, and she's a boxer. London, 2012. Women will step into the Olympic boxing ring for the very first…

Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World

  • 3 stars

Step aside Al Gore, the environment has a new champion! The PURU - his honest potty humour tackles the global sanitation crisis. His demand to idle shitters everywhere: Come out of the water closet and proudly proclaim, 'I'm a pooper!' He's changing the world, one flush at a time! All ages. The POOP Project with WTE…

Heath Franklin's Chopper in A Hard Bastard's Guide to Life

Australia's Most Wanted comedian and comedy icon, Chopper is headbutting his way back to Edinburgh. From the Olympics to anal bleaching, mangoes, Switzerland, to anti-smoking ads, nothing's safe from a punch in the soft guts by the International Ambassador of Hard. So take off your skirt, and grow a moustache. It’s…

Künt and the Gang

'Lowbrow comedy songs' by their own admission and popular Fringe stalwart, KatG are not for the easily offended.

Künt's on Daytime TV - Free

Künt from Künt and the Gang takes you on a fucked-up, tenuous journey through his daytime viewing schedule featuring lazy, libellous stories, songs and rhymes, and that picture of Lorraine Kelly with her minge out. Not for the easily offended. Noel Edmonds gets called a cunt, Jeremy Kyle a fucking cunt and David Dickinson…

Lili la Scala: Another Fucking Variety Show

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex The hottest ticket of the Fringe is back! Treat yourself to a late night date with Lili la Scala and her glittering cavalcade of Cabarati. Previous guests include Jason Manford and The Boy With Tape on His Face. 'A riotous and scintillating evening of risqué comedy, fabulous cabaret and…

Richard Herring: Talking Cock – The Second Coming

A sort of male Vagina Monologues, Herring bares all about man's best friend. (Nope, not dogs).

Pretending Things Are a Cock

After critically acclaimed performances to sell-out audiences in festivals around the world, and a legion of Facebook fans, Australian Jon Bennett brings his Just for Laughs, Best Comedy Award nominated show of over 200 pretend cocks to the Fringe! A unique stand-up experience, Pretending Things Are a Cock is part…

Reginald D Hunter - Work in Progress … and Niggas with Support John Gordillo

‘Punchy delivery and comic timing to die for’ (List). ‘Nearer the knuckle than an over-sized sovereign ring’ (Metro). ‘Mesmerising delivery’ ( ‘Consistently at his best delivering dry and unexpected observations’ (Edinburgh Evening News). ‘Comic timing is sharp enough to burst balloons’ (Independent).

Job Seekers Anonymous

Sh!t Theatre's unique and humorous exploration of the (un)employment situation in the UK today is part cabaret theatre, part sketch show. Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit examine their own experience of being on the dole and the political situation that surrounds it. With parts of the shows rewritten in response to…

The Shit / La Merda: The Disgust Decalogue #1

  • 4 stars

Silva Gallerano / Cristian Ceresoli. An actress of untamed talent, Silvia Gallerano, creates a physical and vocal mask, challenging a provocative and scandalous literary score written by Christian Ceresoli – where words might be sung, howled and shrieked but a ‘chant’ never emerges. In her naked physicality, she tells…

Shit-Faced Shakespeare

  • 3 stars

Shakespeare performed as he would have wanted (perhaps). The play is entirely serious in every respect except that one of the actors is completely shit-faced.