The Voice of Things - Toilet Paper (1 star)

This article is from 2007.

The Voice of Things - Toilet Paper

Physical theatre down the pan

The solo performer waters her toilet rolls, wears a toilet paper skirt and crown, drapes toilet paper across the stage and generally loses herself, and the audience, in the slow and painful process.

Are Underbelly trying to fill their rooms or just fulfil their quota of dance and physical theatre, serving up the wackiness that Fringe tourists feel they ought to see? This sort of performance must be criticised for the defence of the genre as a whole. The Voice of Things grates as the idea of physical theatre, just as the tartan and bagpipe shops grate as the idea of Scotland.

Hayan Theatre make it very difficult to know what they are getting at – so it’s hard to know whether they get there or not. But this is cringeworthy and hard to watch, and not in a bowl-me-over build-me-back up, Incarnat kind of a way. (Tom Tàbori)

Underbelly, 0870 7453083, until 26 Aug, 1.10pm, £8–£9 (£7–£8).

The Voice of Things - Toilet Paper

  • 1 star

Physical Theatre down the pan!


1. Shoshy7 Oct 2008, 7:38pm Report

I thought this show was amazing! Chiara De Palo has an incredible voice... There were only about 10 of us in the audience, but it seemed a shame that only me and my partner "got it"... The others were silent while we were either in fits of hysteric laughter or in tears! She really made a compelling show out of little more than her singing voice and movement. It was simply great storytelling, though I couldn't tell you what it was - it was too hard to describe because of her stunning imagination... I don't really understand how it could be cringe worthy to watch - it totally enthralled me! I wish I could see it again, or she would do another similar show. Hugely talented woman.

2. jade18 Oct 2008, 10:30am5 stars The Voice of Things - Toilet Paper Report

I personally think I have never seen such a talented and multi-skilled performer..i was completely touched by her singing and physicality..her voice so visceral (with great technique and extraordinary vocal range!!!)powerful and tender at times reminds me artistes such as Rachelle Farrell, Diamanda Galas..ready to take risk ..out of any schemes and ordinary performances you can see the west-end or so..her sound and movement just tell you beautiful a costant unpredictable way..I got really moved and will never forget this "little"but hugely talented artist..chiara de palo.

3. jade17 Nov 2008, 1:52am5 stars The Voice of Things - Toilet Paper Report

I had a great time in edinburgh in 2007..and the best show..the one that is still in my mind and heart is The Voice of Things..such an original concept and so well developed and delivered..Chiara De Palo is an incredible multi-skilled artist..terrific phyiscal-theatre performer..great technique..with such a vocal talent..amazing vocal range..touching and visceral..she touched my soul..and got moved to tears. she is so real..and artist of rare sensitivity.

Merci ..and please do come to Paris!!!!

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