Traces (3 stars)

This article is from 2007.


Light relief at the circus

The early pitches for poignancy are a put off, but when 7 Fingers keep to their incredible gymnastics, they are truly impressive. Like an old-fashioned circus, the audience ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at the spectacular stunts and clap the death-defying feats. It is a very simple relationship, one of gentle gratitude for being straight-up impressed by the winking, smiling young stuntmen and woman.

The sentimentality 7 Fingers feel it necessary to smear on their already mesmerising display is just needlessly twee. The charming quintet are more fun when they let their bodies do the talking. Skilful with slapstick, they tip the wink to the audience, and expressing a genuine vibe of solidarity as they help each through the aerobatics. There is a lot to be said for such simple pleasures, and if you feel like giving your mind the night off, this is to be recommended. (Tom Tàbori)

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 27 Aug, 5.30pm, £13–£15 (£12–£14)


  • 3 stars

Light relief at the circus with Traces, which combines urban acrobatics with traditional big top skills to an eclectic soundtrack of hip hop, rock and classical music.

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