Little Howard and the Magic Pencil of Life and Death

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  • 16 August 2007

This article is from 2007

Howard Read

Little Howard, the cartoon sidekick of comedian Howard Read, takes time out from his show, Little Howard And The Magic Pencil of Life and Death, to answer our questions

5 great things about being small?

Being able to tie people’s shoelaces together under tables; tricking people into thinking you’re further away than you are; winning at limbo dancing; being able to lie on the floor and know what the world looks like to mice; seeing the bogies up people’s noses.

4 reasons why people should come and see your Fringe show?

Me; Big Howard; 3D glasses; you might get turned into a cartoon!

3 things you like about being in Edinburgh?

N’sauce (which is what you have on your chips, it’s made out of ‘N’s’); bagpiping with Les Dennis; stomping on flying ants!

2 things you like doing when Big Howard isn’t around to stop you?

I run around the flat naked and put Angel Delight in his shoes.

1 word that sums up your relationship with Big Howard?


Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 27 Aug, 11.30am, £8–£9 (£7–£8).

Little Howard and The Magic Pencil of Life and Death

Little Howard (he's a cartoon) and his sidekick Big Howard's (he's a real person) comedy double act.