Red Shoes

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  • 16 August 2007

This article is from 2007.

Kally Lloyd Jones

Performing her fairytale-inspired solo show, Red Shoes, at the Fringe, Company Chordelia’s Kally Lloyd Jones takes time out to chat

5 things which inspire you to dance?

The same things that inspire me in general: music, love (in all its forms), optimism, a beautiful day, the feeling of physical well-being.

4 things you would like to see at this year’s Festival?

I tend to try to see companies I haven’t seen before, so will go to Cologne Opera’s Capricio, Jos Houben’s The Art of Laughter, Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu’s On Danse and a show that someone I trust tells me I must see.

3 reasons why people should come and see your Fringe show?

Anyone who thinks they might not understand dance should see it, because it’s really theatre which uses dance as part of its language; there are three characters people can easily identify with; and it will make all kinds of people laugh, and think.

2 best things about being a dancer?

I get to dance, which never fails to make me feel good; and every day is different which means I’m never bored and can go on being challenged and learning.

1 thing you would like to change about the dance world?

Problems in the dance world are steadily improving, but inevitably the root cause is a fundamental lack of money, which has affected the dance world perhaps more than other art forms.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, 19–27 Aug, 6.30pm, £9 (£7).

Red Shoes

Company Chordelia presents a one-woman show based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and performed by Kally Lloyd-Jones. Not recommended for those under 10.

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