Mother and the Addicts

This article is from 2007.

Mother and the Addicts

The family way

Mother and the Addicts’ excellent new album is the 100th release from Chemikal Underground. Camilla Pia finds out this is a double cause for celebration

After 13 years of stellar service to the indie scene, Chemikal Underground are throwing a party to celebrate their 100th release. Well, if you’d introduced the world to new music by acts such as Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Delgados, Bis and Aereogramme you’d have something to celebrate too. Marking the occasion officially are Mother And The Addicts who join Aidan Moffat and De Rosa for a special T on the Fringe performance.

When I catch up with Addicts frontman Sam Smith on the eve of the release of his band’s stunning second album Science Fiction Illustrated (which also happens to be Chemikal Underground’s 100th), he seems genuinely honoured to be taking part in the festivities.

‘It’s been a long time since we got together with people from the label so it will be a very special and very social evening no doubt,’ he laughs. ‘I first became aware of Chemikal Underground when I was living in Brighton through Arab Strap’s ‘The First Big Weekend’ which was a really special piece of music. After that I got into Mogwai’s Young Team – a real benchmark for British post-rock – and The Delgados’ ‘Pull The Wires From The Wall’. Now the label is one of the last true independents left, and it deserves recognition for giving a voice to Scottish bands and for making a massive contribution to music in general.’

No arguments there, but what does the frontman of the scruffy, synth-tinged quintet reckon to the label’s future in an age seemingly dominated by blog and Myspace-driven acts? ‘Of course it’s a very transitional period right now, especially for the smaller players,’ he says. ‘But I think ultimately to record in a studio you will always need money and in terms of getting yourself out there you need advertising and people to promote and develop you. I hope that the internet will be more beneficial for the indies in fact,’ he adds, ‘and Chemikal is full of good people who actually believe in what they are doing, which is very rare these days.’

T on the Fringe, Liquid Rooms, 0870 169 0100, 22 Aug, 7pm, £9.

Mother and the Addicts, De Rosa and The Phantom Band

Chemikal Underground Christmas party featuring a headline set from the demented garage glam outfit whose 'Science Fiction Illustrated' album was the 100th release on the label.

Chem 100

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Chemikal Underground celebrate their 100th release with this showcase from Mother & the Addicts, Aidan Moffat and De Rosa. Part of T on the Fringe.

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