Oh For Christ Sake I Like Shortcake featuring The Twilight Sad

This article is from 2007.

Oh For Christ Sake I Like Shortcake featuring The Twilight Sad

Jock indie rock extravaganza

The name of this indie night is trying to tell us we should expect something Scottish. But nothing as twee or naff as a tartan tin of all-butter fingers. Instead, the line-up showcases four of Scotland’s most promising and pioneering acts. First up are Mouse Eat Mouse, who proudly use the Scots dialect and thick Heilan’ accents against electropop beats and gentle acoustic folk harmonies. Dumb Instrument, a fusion of cheeky Ayrshire wit and beautifully soothing jazz-folk ditties, are followed by the jittery pop-rock of Glaswegian ‘next-big-things’, Popup. But ‘the band most likely to’ are The Twilight Sad, topping the bill with their melancholy, soaring sounds. The four-piece from Glasgow have been touring the States with debut album, Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters, generally making music industry people get their knickers in a knot over their polished noise, a swelling, distorted blend of theremins, guitars and sonic experimentalism. (Claire Sawers)

Bannermans, 226 0000, 19 Aug, 8pm, £7.

The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Holy Mountain

Kilsyth trio taking their former wall-of-sound noise rock in a new, darker synth-laden direction on their current album No One Can Ever Know. With alternarock support from WWPJ and mighty riffola from Holy Mountain.

Twilight Sad, Galchen and How to Swim

The acclaimed Twilight Sad's Mogwai/Arab Strap mix are sure to be a big draw at this Sauchiehall Crawl gig.

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