Found — Etiquette (4 stars)

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  • 16 August 2007

This article is from 2007.

Found — Etiquette

Edinburgh band provide sound installation

Those clever Edinburgh Found boys have done it again. Their latest music-meets-art installation is a hands-on delight, making even the most tone-deaf feel like musical geniuses. Visitors to Newhaven’s Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop can play with 12 cute and quirky cardboard boxes labelled ‘Hawick Balls’, ‘Mystery Jumping Beans’ and ‘Assorted Ambience’.

When dragged over glass, they produce sound effects that can be layered up or singled out, allowing visitors to make sweet, sweet music with endless combinations. Found recorded the samples in the workshop – mingling the acoustic (violin, banjo, bass guitar, glockenspiel) with the industrial (band saw, reversing forklift truck, extractor fan) to create a lo-fi sound, with hi-tech stuff hidden behind the scenes. Dr Simon Kirby designed the software after seeing the iPhone keypad.

‘Normally computer interfaces look technical, synthetic and off-putting. We wanted something tactile and simple. It’s halfway between a musical instrument and a composition.’ This show is inventive, touchy feely and fun – go play. (Claire Sawers)

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 551 4490,16–19, 23–26 Aug, 11am–5pm, free.

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