Knocked Up

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  • 16 August 2007

This article is from 2007

Knocked Up

Judd Apatow

Writer/director/producer Judd Apatow has been called a ‘laugh machine’ by Variety magazine. As his latest film, Knocked Up, comes to the EIFF we look at five scenes from Apatow movies that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes

The 40-Year-Old Virgin – nipple wax scene In an effort to make virgin Steve Carell more appealing to women, his friends take him to get his chest waxed. Carell agreed to do the waxing for real in the film. By the time they reach his nipples, you too are laughing through the pain.

Anchorman – legend of the chat-up line When San Diego’s top rated newsman Ron Burgundy meets a blonde at a party he tells her: ‘I have many leather- bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.’ Little does Burgundy know that he is speaking to his ambitious new co-worker, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate).

Knocked-Up – sorry bouncer When a burly black bouncer refuses a pregnant woman and her older sister entry to a club, his painful spiel about how the management forces him to discriminate against blacks, ugly people and the poor almost makes you want to forgive every bouncer who has refused you entry to a club. Well, almost.

Superbad (out in September) – anatomy lesson When hot high school honey Jules asks Seth to get them some alcohol she assures him: ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.’ Seth replies: ‘Funny thing about my back, it’s located on my ****.’

Talladega Nights – espresso time Sascha Baron Cohen as a French Formula one driver in a Perrier-sponsored car drinking espresso just doesn’t sound funny on the page. In Apatow land it’s the perfect brew for comic excellence. (Kaleem Aftab)

Knocked Up, Cineworld, 623 8030, 19 Aug, 6.30pm & 20 Aug, 9.40pm, £7.95 (£5.50).

Writing Comedy: Judd Apatow

The writer and director of 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' and this year's 'Knocked Up' discusses his career in comedy. 'Part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007'.

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