Dougie Dunlop (3 stars)

This article is from 2007.

LIve from a building site

Live from a ‘building site’, Dunlop’s debut is as gritty, opportunistic and incongruous as his venue. Reluctantly succumbing to themed comedy, he centres loosely on the elderly, with cake as both prop and post-spectacle sweetener. A deadpan, wry Scot and champion of the down at heel, Dunlop shows some masterful flashes of mimicry in a slow-burning mix of ragged yet decent material. (Peggy Hughes)

C Soco, 0845 260 1234, until 26 Aug (not 21), 10.50pm, £7.50–£8.50 (£6–£7).

Dougie Dunlop

  • 3 stars

Gritty, opportunistic and incongruous comedy as Dunlop makes his Fringe debut. Slow-burning mix of ragged yet decent material. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007'.

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