Rick Shapiro (4 stars)

This article is from 2007.

Shapiro stripped down

Shambolic yet inspirational stand-up

Rick Shapiro is a five star comedian in a two star show. If you want structure, well thought-out lines, or even the assurance of sanity then look elsewhere. If, however, you’re prepared to sit through ten minutes of shambolic mutterings as our hero decides what to be angry about next, then your patience will be rewarded. There are moments when Shapiro spews out a description of such brilliance, with the most beautifully evocative language that even a skit about fisting becomes an inspiring piece of comedy.

Time-keeping is not an issue in his world (our show ran over by 20 minutes) because this is a man who’ll do exactly what he wants; he’ll tell you heartbreaking stories about his tumultuous life, then veer into a rant about girlfriends, Harry Potter or anything that crashes into his mind. If you’re easily offended then, for the love of God, stay away. But if you like your comedy unreliable, but with moments that will make you grateful for having ears, then Rick Shapiro will take you by the scruff of the neck and entertain the socks off you. (Siân Bevan)

The Green Room, 220 0885, until 26 Aug, 11.30pm, £9—£10 (£8—£9).

Rick Shapiro

  • 4 stars

Rambling, beautiful, nonsensical, poetic comedy from the mouth of a filthy genius. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007'

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