Alex Gray

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  • 16 August 2007

This article is from 2007.

Alex Gray

She’s been a folk singer, DSS officer and English teacher, but Alex Gray seems settled now into her full-time job as a new member of the Scottish crime writing pack. Here she takes on our less than diverse Q&A

5 words to describe The Riverman?

Taut, pacy, atmospheric, warm, believable (my editor’s words, not mine; I’m too modest).

4 authors who you think should be more famous than they are now?

Alanna Knight, Deryn Lake, Lin Anderson, Suhayl Saadi. I genuinely thought Suhayl’s novel Psychoraag should have been a Man Booker contender.

3 reasons why you love Edinburgh in August?

The Edinburgh International Book Festival. The atmosphere in the streets with loads of mad folk dressed up. The fireworks above the Esplanade every night.

2 things that bug you about Edinburgh in August?

Too much choice making it hard to decide what things to see and hear. Not enough time to do everything I want to.

1 thing you’d change about the publishing world?

The one thing I’d change is to have more big publishers up here in Scotland.

16 Aug (with Aline Templeton), 7pm, £8 (£6).

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