Julian Baggini

This article is from 2007

Julian Baggini

Philosophical devotee of Homer (Simpson)

Julian Baggini is certainly not afraid to engage with popular culture. He recently wrote this on BBC online: ‘Matt Groening is the true heir of Plato, Aristotle and Kant’. Although this article landed Baggini a mention in Private Eye, he talks of the incident with good humour. Indeed, Baggini has none of the airs and graces perhaps expected of a man who thinks for a living. ‘I feel I’m exaggerating if I call myself a philosopher,’ he admits. ‘Because if I ask myself what original, substantive contributions I have made to the development of western philosophy, I draw a blank. Of course, these days many people called philosophers would have to admit the same, if they were honest, so given the way the word is actually used, it’s not entirely inaccurate to say I’m a philosopher. But it seems like a boast to me.’

As well as being a journalist, academic and author, Baggini is a Fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion and editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine. In his writing, Baggini offers philosophically informed commentaries on contemporary problems and debates and his most recent book, Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind, probes the knotty issue of British identity. (Hannah Adcock)

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First Fiction - Lucy Eyre with Julian Baggini

Lucy Eyre talks to philosopher Julian Baggini about her debut novel, 'If Minds Had Toes', an introduction to the world of philosophy through the eyes of her 15 year old hero. 'Part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2007'.

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