Gamarjobat (3 stars)

This article is from 2007.

The Japanese mime and magic duo take their street performance act inside for an hour of slapstick, spoof magic, acrobatics and guitar riffs with Rock’n’Roll Penguin. The pair waddle about like a hybrid of Pingu and Tommy Cooper and their non-verbal, physical comedy will get you, your granny and your five-year-old niece giggling.

UdderBELLY’s Pasture, 0870 745 3083, until 27 Aug (not 14, 21), 5.05pm, £10.50–£12.50 (£7.50–£11).

Gamarjobat: Rock'n'Roll Penguin

  • 3 stars

Funny but dumb (in all senses) mime and magic comedy from the Japanese due and their new bandmate, a fluffy penguin. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007'.

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