Yellow Moon (4 stars)

This article is from 2007.


Young love

David Greig’s Yellow Moon is a modern teenage romance for the Burberry generation. Directed by Guy Hollands, the talented cast of four slip convincingly in and out of character as they efficiently narrate the chapters in this episode of a young man’s life. Stag Lee Macalinden (Andrew Scott-Ramsay) harbours ambitions of being the first pimp in Inverkeithing. He meets his doe (as in deer), Leila, in a late night supermarket and convinces her to go drinking in the cemetery where things take a turn for the worse and they are forced to flee to the highlands to seek refuge with Lee’s estranged father.

Teen issues like young love, sex, alcoholism, self harm and an unhealthy fascination with celebrity culture all come under the microscope. Leila’s obsession with trashy magazines comes to a head as she meets one of her idols who subsequently falls from her pedestal. The story unfurls in a whirl of movement, accompanied by Nigel Dunn’s score, on a stage which is bare aside from four chairs. This is theatre for the young generation, an intricate story, beautifully told and executed without unnecessary fuss.

Traverse Theatre, 228 1404, until 26 Aug (not 13, 20), times vary, £14 (£5–£10).

Yellow Moon

A modern Bonnie and Clyde-style tale from acclaimed Scottish playwright David Greig, in which Leila and Lee get mixed up in a murder and have to flee town. Suitable for over 15s.

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