Maximum Crew (4 stars)

This article is from 2007.

Maximum Crew

Breakdance spectacular

Korean breakdance has evolved away from the po-faced machismo that can pervade Western scenes, so while the dancers may still occasionally come across as cocky show-offs, they’re not afraid of self-parody or knowing camp.

Over there the b-boy crews play stadiums, and this slick production which fuses breaks, robotics, tribal and contemporary dance to an appropriately eclectic, high-octane soundtrack, flaunts that large-scale showmanship whilst never taking itself too seriously. The most exciting moments involve the seven-strong crew, moving as one into well-oiled, sinuous breaks and gymnastics, an amorphous mass who might be a street gang or something altogether more organic.

Admittedly, the two soloists are strange choices – one overly egotistical but uncoordinated, the other an adept bodypopper lacking in charisma – but the sheer scale of the production values, lights and dancers perfectly in sync with every beat, keeps the audience baying and whooping long after the lights go up.

Assembly@Assembly Hall, 623 3030, until 27 Aug. 7pm (26 & 27 5pm), £12–£13 (£10–£11).

Maximum Crew

  • 4 stars

Incredible synchronised routines from one of the biggest hop hop dance crews in Korea. 'Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007'

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