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This article is from 2007.

Scottish Novels On Screen

1 Andrea Gibb (pictured) No relation to the Bee Gees, Gibb (AfterLife, Dear Frankie) is one of Scotland’s most prolific and successful screenwriters. She will be chairing this event/debate which looks at the success of Scottish literature in its many adaptations on the big screen.

2 Peter Jinks The author of Hallam Foe, the film version of which opens this year’s EIFF and writers Alan Spence and Alan Warner will be on the debating panel.

3 A New Direction This year’s Film Festival, which helmed by a new artistic director, is forging stronger links with the Edinburgh International Book Festival. With stronger writing themes also running through this year’s List-sponsored Anita Loos Retrospective, this could be a rewarding partnership that could run and run.

4 Worst adaptation ever Who cares about positivism, let’s have a scrap about rubbish Scottish films. If you are in the audience why not start the debate.

5 Michael Caine ‘Am I no a bonny fighter?’ has got to be the worst line ever delivered in a film based on a great Scottish novel in the 1971 version of Kidnapped. Panel, please debate.

Cineworld, 623 8030, 16 Aug, 2pm, £6.50 (£4.55).

Scottish Novels on Screen

  • 1h 30min

Andrea Gibb chairs a discussion on the place of Scottish literature in cinema with the writer of 'Hallam Foe'. 'Part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007'.

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