The Greatest Bubble Show On Earth (4 stars)

This article is from 2007.

The Greatest Bubble Show On Earth

He’s forever blowing bubbles

Louis Pearl (aka The Amazing Bubble Man) has made a career out of blowing bubbles. Big ones, small ones, coloured ones, square ones – if something’s got a hole in it, he’ll blow a bubble through it.

Using an assortment of tools and toys – many of which he invented himself – Pearl fills the air with hundreds of little balls of fun. Each one elicits oohs and ahs from his excitable audience – and that’s not just the kids. Let’s face it, you’re never too old to get a kick out of a giant bubble – especially one with a person inside it. So when Pearl says his show is suitable for all ages, he’s not joking.

And it’s not just bubbles he can handle – Pearl’s audience banter keeps everyone in check and smiling, be they raucous or reticent. This is a unique show that’s fun, interactive and totally bubbleicious.

C Central, 0845 2601234, until 27 Aug, noon, £5.50–£7.50 (£4.50–£6.50).

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