Nikki King & Marcus Ford

This article is from 2007.

Nikki King

Smoky jazz duo are midnight movers

Singer Niki King has covered a lot of ground in stylistic terms, but her work with guitarist Marcus Ford has been the strand most deeply rooted in a mainstream jazz approach. This gig is part of their current promotion of a new duo album bearing the self-explanatory title of Twelve O’Clock Tales, and the music will reflect that late-night vibe. Although they have performed together for a decade, it is the first time they have recorded an album as a duo.

Niki was always aware of jazz through her father, singer Freddie King, but began her own career in funk and soul. ‘I really got back into a jazz sound with Marcus, and that was ideal for me, because it let me work with him in developing a sound that was different from my dad and different from the records I listened to, but was my own.’

Brunton Theatre, 665 2240, 15 Aug, 7.30pm, £13 (£10.50).

Niki King and Marcus Ford

Tender and intimate acoustic ballads and sophisticated standards from the star jazz-chanteuse and talented guitarist. 'Part of the Fife Jazz Festival'.

Belhaven Best of Jazz: Marcus Ford

Finger-style guitarist Marcus Ford plays a selection of popular classic tunes.

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