Reginald D. Hunter (3 stars)

This article is from 2007.

Reginald D. Hunter

Sprawling set from comedy icon

One of the problems with the Fringe is that us reviewers often need to get in early during a run while comedians may take the month to refine their material so that the show we see on the 3rd is rarely the one performed on the 20th. It’s worth pointing this out as Reginald D Hunter has been one of the most consistently excellent comedians at the Fringe in recent years and he left the stage here visibly less impressed with his own evening’s work than one might expect.

That’s not to say this was a poor show. For a huge chunk it was laugh out loud funny, insightful and raw; it was even occasionally tender. But despite its arch title, Fuck You in the Age of Consequence lacked a focus. While comics such as Andrew Maxwell make no bones about the scattergun nature of their approach, Hunter boasts a decent concept as he discusses the nature of consequences with routines about an ex-girlfriend and his father. For the most part the content enlivens the concept, but there are moments where he is relying on the Mount Rushmore scale of his personality to get him through rather than the strength of the material. It would all have flowed fine in three large chunks but he opts for a cut’n’paste approach that weakens the flow.

If this all seems highly critical his set still comes recommended as Hunter is one of the elite in Edinburgh this year, but that’s why a blip from him seems all the more disappointing. If a comic walked away from the stage with a two-thirds success rate under his belt they might consider this a pretty good night. For a master such as Reginald D Hunter, there’s room for improvement.

UdderBELLY’s Pasture, 0870 745 3083, until 27 Aug (not 15), 10.10pm, £12–£14 (£11–£12.50).

Reginald D Hunter

The controversial and great stand-up (with two Perrier nominations under his belt).

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